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Keeper Security / Password Management
We all know that password management is essential to staying safe online. Keeper is one the highest-rated cybersecurity software companies out there today. Their password and cybersecurity systems protect millions of people and thousands of businesses, globally. Use my unique REFERRAL LINK to save 30% on the purchase of a Keeper Unlimited or Keeper Family Plan today!

Freelance University (FreeU)
There’s so much information out there about starting and growing a profitable freelance business. Get started with the premier global, one-stop learning community for freelancers! Freelance University only  takes in new students a couple of times per year.  JOIN THE WAITLIST for the next intake (coming January 2023).  Once enrollment opens, sign up at a discounted rate via Gronek Virtual's FREEU REFERRAL LINK (Coming Soon!).

Honeybook Client Management Software for Small Businesses
I use HoneyBook to help book clients more efficiently and stay organized.  Get HoneyBook for 50% off for one year with Gronek Virtual's HONEYBOOK REFERRAL LINK.

EFFYDESK - Canada's #1 Leading Ergonomic Office Furniture Company
I'm so excited to tell you that I purchased my own EFFYDESK, specifically their Home Office Standing Desk. It's simply amazing!  Save 10% on your own purchase of any standing desk or other office furniture or accessories from the EFFYDESK website using my unique EFFYDESK REFERRAL LINK.

Double Gemini: The Stack Method and the Pulse Method
Learn how to incorporate productivity master Double Gemini's game-changing time efficient, stress reducing, productive boosting email management methods into your life.  Check out THE STACK METHOD for free and the PULSE METHOD for a reasonable cost, and more!  For further information on affordable individual and group training opportunities, please email me and I will connect you with my amazing contacts over at Double Gemini!

Contracts for Entrepreneurs: Legal Template Shop
As an entrepreneur and business owner, best practice is to always is to hire a lawyer and do your own due diligence (I recommend ELENA FAVARO VIANA). But if you can’t afford one, head on over using Gronek Virtual's Affiliate link to CONTRACTS FOR ENTREPRENEURS where you will find a ton of free resources, and affordable legal templates to help you understand the legal needs of your business. Disclaimer: I am promoting this because I love and trust these contracts. I do not provide legal advice, and am not a lawyer or attorney. I will always recommend you speak to a licensed lawyer in your jurisdiction for accurate professional advice.

Positive Parenting Solutions with Amy McCready
This one is less of a business resource and more of a busy working parent game changing resource! As entrepreneurs and small business owners, I know we are all seeking ways to improve our family time and achieve balance in our home lives. With TODAY show contributor and recognized parenting coach, Amy McCready's amazing parenting advice, discover ways to lower your parenting stress levels quickly and learn what's really behind your kids' meltdowns (and find out how to make them stop). Head on over using Gronek Virtual's Affiliate link to sign up for one of Amy's upcoming POSITIVE PARENTING SOLUTIONS exclusive FREE 60 Minute Classes, and learn more about this amazing program!

FYI: This page contains an affiliate links which in some cases means I will receive a slight commission from any purchase made using my links. 

As I continue to come across noteworthy resources, programs, and platforms, I will share them here! Of course, I am always open to new ideas, suggestions, and feedback!

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